• Enrich, Engage, and Entertain Your Young Scientists
  • Hands-on, inquiry-based activities engage and excite children
  • Complete, easy-to-use curriculum

Keep children engaged and motivated after school and throughout the summer. Offer fundamental science, math, and language arts learning with Zula’s Afterschool Discovery Program.

Zula’s Afterschool Discovery Program™ was designed to be easy to tailor to your group’s needs, resources, and time constraints. But most importantly, it was designed to be FUN! It provides interactive, investigative activities designed to get young children thinking scientifically. The missions harness young children’s natural curiosity of the world around them. The format encourages participants to make connections with math, language arts, creative arts, and other subjects through multimedia, hands-on experiments and activities, books, open-ended discussion, and community/home connections.

Questioning and exploration are second nature to young children, but they need guidance and encouragement to develop communication-and scientific and critical-thinking skills. The less structured out-of-school environment is a perfect place to support this growth! With many existing science programs serving children in six grade and up, we’re pleased to expand the field by providing science inquiry opportunities for children in elementary grades.

Each mission bundle in The Zula Afterschool Discovery Program™ covers several related topics. For example, the Environment bundle contains Weather, Climate, and Greenhouse Effect activities and includes many suggestions for making meaningful connections between children’s interests and local/regional issues. There are two missions per topic: Level 1, which is an introductory activity, and Level 2, which builds upon what children discovered and observed in Level 1.

As the adult leader, you can support your group’s discoveries by taking on the role of trusty copilot to your group of young Cadets. You don’t need any special experience or specific answers. Co-pilots are there to model resourcefulness, curiosity, problem solving, and attention to detail. You reinforce that the most important part of the mission is the journey and not arriving at any one “right” answer.

Afterschool Resources

  • Leader’s Guides with complete lesson plans for activities
  • All necessary scientific tools and materials needed to conduct each activity with 20 students
  • The Zula Patrol® DVDs and discussion guidelines
  • CDs with printable photo cards, Mission Accomplished badges and Science Journal pages in English and Spanish
  • Topic-related career connections, stimulating children’s interest in science careers
  • All contents contained and organized in sturdy divided storage boxes

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Bundle Topics

Physical Science

Kit Simple Machines
Kit Weather

Earth Science

Life Science

Kit Habitats



Zula’s Curriculum aligns to age and developmentally appropriate science, math and language arts standards.

For information on specific standards, contact or call Toll Free 800-848-4198.

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Zula’s Afterschool Discovery Program provides inquiry-based science, math, and language arts activities designed to promote the development of critical thinking skills. For assessment, program leaders are encouraged to use authentic methods for assessing student learning that focus on concept understanding. Zula has also created more traditional types of assessments to aid leaders in evaluating their children’s knowledge of a subject and how that knowledge progresses over time. The assessment tools also help leaders determine which concepts may need to have more focus with the students. By providing this information, afterschool program leaders can help students by reinforcing and repeating explorations and experimentations to help them gain confidence and familiarity with specific topics and underlying concepts.

To review assessments, contact or call Toll Free 800-848-4198.